A Vegan’s return…

Saturday, at precisely 6:15, Kate arrived for her dinner reservation and our Black Bean Burger.  It has been four years since she has been to our terrace.  She was teaching English in Pondicherry back then and just fell in love with this town and apparently our cafe!

After eating she stopped to chat and introduce herself.  She taught English in a local school here for one year and although now she is back at work in the USA, she has been waiting to get back here ever since! Now she is running workshops around the country for the summer, and is very excited about her first trip to Ladakh where she will also hold workshop sessions.

Kate told me she noticed a change in our Black Bean Burger and asked about the ingredients!  We changed our recipe just a year ago and now it tastes even better AND it is vegan!  So glad that she noticed!  And SHE was glad to hear there wasn’t any dairy product involved!

Black Bean

So VEGANs – now it is even more difficult to choose what to eat at Kasha Ki Aasha.  But, don’t worry, you will love all the choices! 

Wishing Kate all the best for her summer!

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