Feels like home…


We have been in this house for ten years now, and Kasha Ki Aasha feels like home.  We run it just like we do our own family houses and not just in the way we welcome our customers with that famous South Indian hospitality.

We support the small businesses in and around Pondicherry and work with many suppliers that we have watched grow from tiny one man/woman ateliers or shops to bigger and bigger enterprises that even handle large international orders.

And for our restaurant where we make everything from scratch with the freshest ingredients, we also stock from local suppliers including the fruit vendors that come to our door every day bringing their home grown lemons and papaya.  Supporting local vendors is important to us – it is one of the traditions of India and we love the daily haggling over prices and the smiles exchanged when a fair deal is struck.  And we know YOU love those homegrown fruits and vegetables.

It is just one more reason that Kasha Ki Aasha clients seem to want to hang out for hours and keep coming back.  They tell us it feels like a second home.  And for us, it is.



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