Time for SAX at Kasha Ki Aasha

There is a first time for everything and this week we get our first saxophone performance with the talented Matt Littlewood, originally from the UK.  Matt will perform with Sankarshan Kini (India) on the guitar and vocals.

Matt Littlewood, currently based in Auroville, is a jazz saxophonist, pianist, composer and music teacher.  After his studies at Exeter University in the UK, he is now an active member of the Indian Jazz and World Music scene.

If you would like to know more about his work…


music on soundcloud:

Sankarshan Kini, better known as Shanks, is an independent producer and multi instrumentalist based in Auroville, India. He explores genres of jazz, blues, rock, folk and funk with different independent projects. He plays guitar, violin, mandolin, trumpet and harmonica. He scores for cinema and theatre. Find his music on soundcloud.com/sankarshankini

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at 8 pm for an evening of great jazz, great people and great food!

Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondicherry

Tel:  413 222 2963

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