Kasha Ki Aasha features the Internationally renowned KARINA COLIS TRIO

This Saturday evening, Kasha Ki Aasha is thrilled to present the KARINA COLIS TRIO.  The Karina Colis Trio is characterized by many diverse stylish rhythms form different countries. The repertoire includes original compositions and Karina Colis’ own arrangements of Latin American and jazz standards. With this project Karina has performed in New York, Mexico and India.


Karina Colis is truly one the world’s most promising Latin American musicians based in New York City. In addition to her skills as a drummer and percussionist, she is also an accomplished vocalist. Her work is characterized by a diversity of rhythms and styles, combining the roots of various Latin/South American traditions with elements of Jazz, Afro Cuban, Fusion and Pop. Born in San Luis Potosi, Mexico into a family of musicians, hearing and playing music quickly became second nature to her.

A Mexican drummer, percussionist and vocalist based in New York , Karina graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Berklee College of music. For over 20 years Karina has been member of several projects having performed at the big audience international festivals and renown venues such as Birdland Jazz Club and Lincoln Center in New York, John F Kennedy Center, the International Circuit in Bahrain the Middle East , WOMAD in UK, “Virada Cultural”  in Brazil, Montreal Jazz Festival in Canada and “New Morning” in Paris, to name a few…
To hear Karina on stage CLICK HERE.
CAMIEL JANSEN (Netherlands)
Camiel began making music at a very young age, playing classical piano from age 6. He started transcribing and playing works and was intrigued by the qualities of classical music. He studied at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, graduating Cum Laude in 2014, continuing a Masters program at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. During an exchange to Copenhagen in his bachelor, he discovered his affinity with composition, and wrote music for jazz quintet, pianotrio, choir and classical pieces for his string quartet. As a bass player, he’s very active in the Dutch jazz scene.
To hear Camiel’s work CLICK HERE

Starting at an early age of 9, Gabriel began his studies in classical piano and by age 17 he was working as a professional pianist in popular music & jazz.

Gabriel is a versatile pianist, composer and a dedicated piano technique teacher. Born in Rio de Janeiro, he completed a degree in Teaching from theFederal University of Rio de Janeiro. He trained under Aida Gnattali, Estela Caldi and Rafael Vernet over the course of his career.

For more information CLICK HERE

Guest Appearances by:

Francisco Lelo De Larrea (Mexico)

Francisco Lelo De Larrea is part of the new generation of Mexican jazz musicians, and he has performed and recorded with many renowned musicians as well as Mexican projects including Eugenio Toussaint, Enrique Nery, Agustin Bernal, Rafael Alcalá, Rey David Alejandre, Diego Maroto, Luri Molina, Iraida Noriega, Magos Herrera and Big Band Jazz de Mexico.

Paola Vergara

Paola Vergera is an established musician from Mexico. Paola graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in contemporary production and composition from the Berklee College of Music. While studying at Berklee she had the opportunity to perform with Ruben Blades, Dennis Chambers, Chaka Khan, Victor Mendoza and Joe Lavano. Paola also studied for a diploma in vocal performance at The Power Institute in London. She has also had the opportunity to study with Robert Fripp and Dorian Holley.

Kasha Ki Aasha is proud to bring such a wealth of international talent to our terrace this Saturday evening and the performance begins at 8 pm.

Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf 605001

Reservations accepted BEFORE 730 pm.  Call 413 222 2963

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