This Saturday, Kasha Ki Aasha welcomes the Aditi Ramesh Trio to our breezy roof terrace as they bring the AUTOCORRECT All India Tour to the south!   Don’t miss this great musical performance by one of Mumbai’s best vocalists of the new generation of musicians!  Performance starts at 8 pm and there is no better place to enjoy great music, great food and great people than Kasha Ki Aasha.  Reserve now at 413 222 2963.

Aditi Ramesh is an exemplary vocalist, songwriter and producer with a herculean voice complimented by a range of techniques and tonal modulations. Having been inspired by the blues, jazz and traditional carnatic music in which she has been trained in her childhood, her organic exploration into different genres ever since has been a hallmark of her development. Formerly a corporate lawyer at AZB, the top law firm in the country, since quitting in the end of 2016, her musicality has experienced exponential growth in her soundscape, with her performance incorporating electronic drums and live keys, in which she has been classically trained in western music theory for about a decade. As well as her use of her eloquent voice as an instrument, used to create symphonic harmonies and intricate melodies. The context of her music can best be described as the usage of the mundane, as a foundation for depicting the nuanced realities facing everybody on a recurrent basis, while at the same time having a sonic content which provides funky, groovy and melodic resolutions. This sort of juxtaposition truly exemplifies her perspective of not taking oneself too seriously, as do her frequent, and at times inspiring, bouts of daydreaming. Also known to hone extraordinary culinary skills, she’s a favourite at fleas, Kitsch Mandi (Bangalore) and the Lil Flea (Mumbai) to name a renowned few integrating her pop ups with exhilarating music performances.

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