Reaching Out

The Kasha Ki Aasha family does more than just support each other.  We also support our community in different ways.  We buy from small grocers and suppliers rather than big chains as much as possible.  We donate surplus products to a local NGO.  We promote our fellow businesses to our customers and friends – everyone does something special in Pondicherry and we think visitors should know!

Photo Credit:  Andreas Deffner

Photo Credit: Andreas Deffner

However, these efforts generally are on a small scale and do not benefit our city as a whole.  So, we show our love for Pondicherry by being a proud sponsor of the Pondicherry ART Foundation (affectionately called Pondy ART) which “builds awareness of the issues challenging India today” by presenting regular exhibitions of professional photography in public space in Pondicherry as well hosting PONDY PHOTO, an internationally recognized photography festival.  We participate by hosting talks and workshops by visiting photographers that are free for the public, make sure the artists have their fill of our Indian Enchildadas, or their favorite dish, and promote the events through our networks and on our walls.

Our most important way of showing support however, is selling Pondy ART exhibition posters without profit. Signed and unsigned copies are available as well as framed or unframed.   All proceeds go directly to Pondy ART.  Some examples can be seen below.

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We also support the Pondy ART photographers – who come from all over the world –  by offering our customers a special selection of prints,  books and other publications related to photography for purchase and our collection is growing!

So feel free to do a little reaching out yourself in Pondicherry.  Choose the corner shop instead of the chain.  Tell someone at your guesthouse about the cafe you discovered.  Or show your support for the ARTS in our beautiful city by picking up one Pondy ART’s special posters.  Making a difference is easy, all you need to do is make a choice.




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