CONGREGATION at Kasha Ki Aasha this Saturday

Come join CONGREGATION this Saturday at Kasha Ki Aasha for their very special jazz sound by guitarists Dhani Muniz and Sankarshan Kini.  Dhani is one of the great discoveries in our region and this is only his second performance ever.   You will not want to miss this duo’s amazing guitars.  Music starts at 8 pm.

Kasha Ki Aasha is at 23 rue Surcouf in Pondicherry.  Call us at 413 222 2963 for reservation.

INTERNATIONAL Performance – ZCK Latin JAZZ Quartet at Kasha Ki Aasha

Kasha Ki Aasha is proud to continue its Purely Pondicherry Performance Series with the first Indian appearance of the ZCK Latin Jazz Quartet this Saturday evening at 8 pm.  The quartet featuring Greek vocalist, Christie Kanska, Czech Bassist, Zdenek Kansky and Brazilians – pianist, Antonio Guerra, and percussionist, Claudio Olveira come together for the first time in public on our breezy garden terrace this weekend.

The music starts promptly at 8 pm and you are welcome to make reservations by calling 413 222 2963 or just coming by Kasha Ki Aasha directly 23 rue Surcouf, Pondicherry 605001.

Would you like to know more about the performers?

Check out Christie Kanska HERE!

For more information on Zdenek Kansky click HERE!

Discover Antonio Guerra on his WEBSITE!

Claudio Oliveira can be heard right HERE!

Pondy’s Live Music Continues

Kasha Ki Aasha continues its live music performances this Saturday evening at 8 pm.

PNO 4 May 2016

KIRTANA KRISHNA is a songwriter, guitar player and the vocalist of Bangalore based jazz duo Bluerhythm. She studied at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, graduating in 2013 as a Vocal Major (Jazz). Since then, she has composed the music and acted in a play titled 0ne/1 as part of a residency in the Adishakti Theatre Company, Pondicherry.

Kirtana regularly performs as a part of Bluerhythm, and enjoys throwing out her originals to unsuspecting crowds while going solo. She has also appeared as a guest vocalist for several jazz ensembles. Until recently, she was vocal faculty at Thermal and a Quarter’s music school Taaqademy. She now resides in Pondicherry and continues to teach and perform.