Brazilian Melodies with Gabriel Geszti this Saturday


This Saturday evening at Kasha Ki Aasha, Gabriel Geszti accompanied by Francisco Lelo de Larrea will share classic melodies from Brazil as well as some of his own contemporary compositions.  Paola Vergara, the renowned Mexican vocalist will join them on stage in a special appearance.

These amazing musicians will be presenting their last performance in Pondicherry before heading back to South America.  Come join us on the terrace for an incredible musical experience!

Music starts at 8 pm at Kasha Ki Aasha (23 rue Surcouf Pondicherry 605001).  We do take reservations but only til 8 pm.  Liimited seating is available.  (Tel:  413 222 2963)

Our one of a kind South Indian Special Dinner Menu is available and the drinks are ICE COLD!

See you soon!



Time for SAX at Kasha Ki Aasha

There is a first time for everything and this week we get our first saxophone performance with the talented Matt Littlewood, originally from the UK.  Matt will perform with Sankarshan Kini (India) on the guitar and vocals.

Matt Littlewood, currently based in Auroville, is a jazz saxophonist, pianist, composer and music teacher.  After his studies at Exeter University in the UK, he is now an active member of the Indian Jazz and World Music scene.

If you would like to know more about his work…


music on soundcloud:

Sankarshan Kini, better known as Shanks, is an independent producer and multi instrumentalist based in Auroville, India. He explores genres of jazz, blues, rock, folk and funk with different independent projects. He plays guitar, violin, mandolin, trumpet and harmonica. He scores for cinema and theatre. Find his music on

Looking forward to seeing you this Saturday at 8 pm for an evening of great jazz, great people and great food!

Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondicherry

Tel:  413 222 2963

Acoustic Folk, Soul and a Hint of Blues at Kasha Ki Aasha

Mahesh Raghunandan will be gracing our terrace this week at 8 pm on Saturday evening. Mahesh is a singer-songwriter and musician from Bangalore whose music combines indie folk, folk rock, pop rock and soul along with a hint of blues. Influenced by artists ranging from Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Frank Sinatra all the way to John Mayer, Damien Rice, Mahesh has opened for artists such as The Raghu Dixit Project, Bruce Lee Mani (Thermal and a Quarter), Parvaaz, The Kutle Khan Project, Sanjeev Thomas & Baiju Dharmajan and international artists such as Lucy Rose, Luke Sital-Singh from the U.K and Ty Penshorn from Australia.

Mahesh also performed a singer-songwriter set at The Bacardi NH7 Weekender Bengaluru Edition in December 2015 and the Stage42 Festival that featured renowned international and national artists such as Mark Ronson, Boyce Avenue, Noori, AR Rahman and more. He has performed with Christian Galvez, one of the best Jazz musicians in the world.

Besides the solo career, Mahesh is involved in multiple collaborative projects. He was also the front man the Indie-Rock band “Mahesh and the Mix” which is now defunct.

So see you Saturday evening at 8 pm for another Purely Pondicherry Performance!  First come, first serve!

Figo Maniero comes to Kasha Ki Aasha


Looking forward to featuring Figo Maniero at Kasha Ki Aasha this Saturday evening at 8 pm.

Come chill out with us again this week on our breezy terrace…there is no better place to experience great music than at Kasha Ki Aasha.

We have a dinner menu and a license on Saturdays, so come enjoy.

Music starts at 8pm.

Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondy 01.  You can call us at 413 222 2963 but we don’t accept reservations after 730 pm.  First come, best seats is how it works!

Purely Pondicherry Performance this Saturday 4 March


Our favorite String Duo – Sankarshan Kini and Holger Jetter are back this Saturday evening at Kasha Ki Aasha for some great Classic Jazz.  It is all about strings with these two who bring a violin, bass viol and guitar to accompany Shank’s great vocals.  Come enjoy!

Our special South Indian Dinner menu and Beverages are available.

Entry fees help Kasha Ki Aasha keep these great performances coming every week.

Questions (but no reservations! Sorry!) – Call us at 413 222 2963!

Purely Pondicherry Perfomance Series at Kasha Ki Aasha

Kasha Ki Aasha’s great performances continue with versatile Jazz duo, Bangalore born guitarist and vocalist, Sankarshan Kini and Holger Jetter, originally hailing from Germany, on strings.

Music starts at 8 but come early and enjoy some incredible  South Indian delicacies from Kasha Ki Aasha’s homestyle kitchen and our beverage menu.

Sorry, we do not accept reservations.

Pondy’s Live Music Continues

Kasha Ki Aasha continues its live music performances this Saturday evening at 8 pm.

PNO 4 May 2016

KIRTANA KRISHNA is a songwriter, guitar player and the vocalist of Bangalore based jazz duo Bluerhythm. She studied at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music, graduating in 2013 as a Vocal Major (Jazz). Since then, she has composed the music and acted in a play titled 0ne/1 as part of a residency in the Adishakti Theatre Company, Pondicherry.

Kirtana regularly performs as a part of Bluerhythm, and enjoys throwing out her originals to unsuspecting crowds while going solo. She has also appeared as a guest vocalist for several jazz ensembles. Until recently, she was vocal faculty at Thermal and a Quarter’s music school Taaqademy. She now resides in Pondicherry and continues to teach and perform.

Live Music in Pondicherry continues


Who says it is off season in Pondicherry?  At Kasha Ki Aasha we think our sultry summer Saturdays are getting better all the time.   #pondylivemusic continues at 7:30 this Saturday with jazz and soul by Nikhila and Sahib….and yes, there is still a Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music connection!

See you soooooooooooon!!!!!

Jazz LIVE this Saturday at Kasha Ki Aasha

Join us this Saturday for jazz by an all star line up thanks to Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music!Poster-for-sat


milli-color-300x200Born in Spain, Mili Vizcaino is an accomplished contemporary singer and vocal technique teacher. She is a self-taught contemporary guitarist and also holds a Piano degree from Conservatório de Música de Badajoz (Badajoz, Spain). In 2004, Mili studied Piano, contemporary harmony and combo studies in the Jazz School Germán Sánchez Ruipérez and more recently in 2015, Mili completed her Jazz Vocals degree, Universidade de Évora (Portugal) & also completed first year of Master course in Jazz interpretation in the Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa (ESML – Lisbon, Portugal).

During the early 2000s, Mili spent her time traveling around Europe as a voice teacher at various programs like Musicals Festival at Zafra (Spain), Cáceres Jazz Festival (Spain), Teachers and Resources Centre (Badajoz, Spain), etc. In 2007, Mili had the opportunity to tour the world with Miguel Bose’s “Papitour” as a backing vocalist. At the dawn of the decade, Mili had become an experienced vocalist as well as a seasoned educator teaching at various institutes around Spain like Badajoz Arts Centre (Badajoz, Spain) & Monk Music and Performing Arts (Salamanca, Spain).

At present she works at the Sou Largo cultural cooperative in Lisbon, as a regular contributor. She’s part of the musical cast in the show El pacto, by El Desván Producciones (Badajoz, Spain). She’s the lead singer at the Iberian Big Band (classical swing repertoire), the River City Band (Latin jazz), D’Alambre (a Lisbon project with musicians Gustavo Roriz, Ruca Rebordão, Máximo Ciuro and Gabriel Godoy.

sid-jacobsSid Jacobs was 7 years old when his fascination with the guitar began. When his family moved to Nevada, Sid obtained a position as guitar instructor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. This made him, at eighteen, the youngest faculty member in the school’s music department. After moving to Los Angeles he developed the curriculum for the Advanced Bebop and Jazz Guitar course at the Dick Grove School and the Jazz Guitar class at the Musicians Institute (MI) where he continues to teach.
Some of the great jazz artists with whom Sid has performed include Harold Land, Eddie Harris, Buddy Montgomery, Joe Diorio, Brad Mehldau, Larry Goldings and Javon Jackson.
In 1991, his CD “It’s Not Goodnight” was released and was well received as a straight-ahead blowing session featuring his original compositions. In 1998 Sid was the first North American jazz guitarist invited to perform in Argentina’s “Guitars of the World” festival. In May of 2001 he was invited to perform at the Ankara Music Festival in Turkey. 2007 saw the release of his CD Open Strings, a collection of pieces for solo guitar including his acclaimed arrangements of Bill Evans and Thelonious Monk tunes. Sid Jacobs is associated with Benedetto Guitars, Hofner Guitars, Cordova Guitars, Ribbecke Guitars & Koch amplifiers.


Pedro Carneiro Silva is a successful pianist who collaborates with artists from all over the world. His recent collaborations include Ben Barritt, Mishka Adams, Ferrnanda Paulo and many more artists. Pedro has also toured with the famous Acuri group – a Brazilian contemporary quintet- that had a series of thirty shows in India and Sri Lanka.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Pedro began to study music at the age of five and was already playing professionally at 16. He graduated in Brazilian music from UNIRIO and also has a Masters in Jazz Performance.  Pedro has also taught piano in many colleges in Brazil and is currently based in Berlin where he is developing is solo piano work and also teaches.


Hailing from Brazil, drummer and percussionist Fabio Bergamini has had a successful career as a touring drummer and faculty for over 20 years.

He completed his Masters in Popular Music from the University of Campinas where his research areas were performance and education. With a strong passion for teaching, Fabio has taught for over twenty years in Brazil, as well as in Portgual. He was also a member of the Madredeus Group in Portual. He has also authored the Text book of Drums and Percussion of the Guri Project.   Fabio’s playing style is divers and ranges from Jazz, pop, Rock to Brazilian instrumental music, Balkan music and Orchestral rock. His notable performances have been with singer Tania Maria, Sofia Victoria, Flavia Bittencourt, Julia Simoes, pianist Michel Freidenson and bassist Pichu Borreli

unnamedA guitarist and bassist with experience in a vast arrays of genres Raghuraman Ramasubramanian is currently a faculty at Swarnabhoomi Academy Of music. With a Bachelors degree in music from The international College of Music in Malaysia and also Studied independently under the likes of Aman Mahajan , Amit Heri, Lew Hilt, Louiz Banks has helped in a career as an educator and performer with a good sense of healthy musical definitions. Performed with people like Michael Veerapan , Ganesh Bala , GV Prakash , Alap Raju , Suchitra, Ranjit Barot etc, and also a part of a production to introduce instrumental improvised music to the market by Zee Digital Online Music Portal called #lifeismusic.