SOONER OR LATER arrives at Kasha Ki Aasha

This weekend Kasha Ki Aasha is proud to present SOONER OR LATER – guitar duo Rolf Bosbach and Sankarshan Kini.  This is their first performance as a duo at Kasha Ki Aasha and we are looking forward to an evening of Rolf’s original compositions.  Shanks continues to surprise us with his versatility as a musician as well with the talents he brings to our stage to play with.  This Saturday will be a very unique evening of jazz. Music starts at 8 pm.  Call to reserve at 413 222 2963.

The Back Story: 

Rolf was born near Cologne in Germany. His interest in eastern philosophy and yoga brought him to Auroville in the mid ‘90s. His original compositions are a reflections of personal experiences or inspired by the poems of a close friend.

He grew up with the Beatles, Progressive Rock and Jazz-Rock and only developed interest in jazz when he had to play it in various Bands in Germany and Auroville. He organises several shows a year in Auroville bringing musicians together.

KIRTANA KRISHNA Graces Our Terrace This Saturday

This Saturday evening we welcome KIRTANA KRISHNA to Kasha Ki Aasha’s Terrace for an evening of Classic Jazz.  Kirtana will perform your favorite jazz classics on guitar and that amazing voice we adore!  Don’t miss another evening of great music, great people and great food at Kasha Ki Aasha.  Music starts at 8 pm and you can reserve a place by calling us at 413 222 2963 anytime!

Kirtana Krishna, originally from Bangalore,  trained at the Swarnabhoomi Academy of Music and now performs regularly across India solo and with a number of established musicians!

See you Saturday!


This weekend KASHA KI AASHA is proud to bring internationally renowned guitarist KONARAK REDDY to our rooftop  with a special appearance by his talented daughter Zui Kumar-Reddy also on guitar.  Don’t miss this exclusive performance in Pondicherry at 8 pm on Saturday at Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondy!  Tel: 413 222 2963.

Konarak Reddy is the first musician on the international stage to find a new musical language with western harmonic and Indian melodic concepts on guitar. He is known for his finger-style playing, as well as for integrating Hindustani and Carnatic styles of improvisation into his guitar technique. He studied jazz improvisation at BerkleeCollege of Music and graduated with Honours from the Jazz Guitar Performance Program at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood.  Konarak began touring with his eponymous band at the age of 16 and pioneered the idea of fusion with YALI ’74.

Since the 70’s Konarak has performed and toured with a range of musicians including Don
Ross (Canada), Peter Finger (Germany), Gionni de Clemente (Italy), Dylan Fowler (Wales),
Bob Bonastre (France), Rama Mani (India), TAS Mani (India), Dr. L.Subramaniam (India),
Antonio Forcione (UK), George Laval (Germany), Maynard Fergusson (US), Embryo
(Germany) amongst others.

Konarak has also composed music for many award winning films including:
Chanda Marutha (1976, Kannada, feature film, dir. Pattabhi Rama Reddy)
Devarakadu (1997, Kannada, feature film, dir. Pattabhi Rama Reddy)

Konarak Reddy was born in Madras and lives in Bangalore, India. His musical
influences, growing up in post-colonial India of the 50’s and 60’s, are myriad,
ranging from the ubiquitous Shubrabhatam that plays every morning all over South
India, his mother’s beloved Flamenco records, western classical music, the sounds
of the temple and the muezzin’s call, to rock and roll and jazz. He is the first
musician on the international stage to find a new musical language using western
harmonic and Indian melodic concepts on guitar. An alumni of Berklee College and
Musician’s Institute, he tours as a solo guitarist and has played with Don Ross
(Canada), Peter Finger (Germany), Jacques Stotzem (Belgium), Sandor Szabo
(Hungary), Masa Sumide (Japan), Claus Boesser-Ferrari (Germany) amongst others
on the international fingerstyle circuit. He hosts the biennial World Guitar Nights
and All India FingerStyle Competition. He has two guitar-centric albums –
Searching for the Goddess and Solar Avatar. He plays a handmade Abe Wechter
Pathmaker, Gibson Hummingbird, Zane PC electric and Parker Fly. Konarak lives in
Bangalore, South India.
He travels as a solo performer for both concerts and workshops.

Zui Kumar-Reddy grew up in an old house in Bangalore, India. She majored in
Biology at Warren Wilson College, North Carolina. Her minors included jazz
guitar and creative writing. She has been playing guitar with the WWC Jazz
Ensemble for the past four years and plays every week with various bands and
line ups at Tressa’s Jazz and Blues Bar, Pisgah Brewery and other local
venues in Asheville, NC.

Kasha Ki Aasha Jazzes Up the Holidays

Holger Jetter and Matt Littlewood jazz up the start of the holiday season in Pondicherry this Saturday on Kasha Ki Aasha’s terrace.  Join us for 2 sets of the classics with a bit of the contemporary thrown in performed by these two internationally acclaimed musicians on keyboard and strings.  You definitely will be glad you joined us!

The jazz starts at 8 pm at Kasha Ki Aasha.  We are just a hop, skip and a jump from the French Quarter at 23 rue Surcouf.  We do take reservations until 8 pm at Tel: 413 222 2963.   But then it is first come, first serve and space is limited.  You wouldn’t want to miss any of the music anyway so come early!  Dinner and Beverages are available.

Can’t wait to see you!

Soliliquy on Saturday

Kasha Ki Aasha is thrilled to welcome soloist, Neel Sarkar to our terrace this Saturday evening.  Neel is currently on tour promoting his new recording SOLILIQUY.  Music starts at 8 pm and we are sure you won’t want to miss a minute of it!

Neel Sarkar is an Instrumentalist and composer from Barrackpore, a suburban Bengal town near the northern fringes of Kolkata. Born in 1980, he started his musical journey at an early age of nine. His first instrument was the tabla, a popular Indian hand drum in which he received training in the Farukabad Gharana. At the age of seventeen, he chose the guitar as his primary instrument under the influence of musicians like Al De Meola, John Mc Laughlin, Miguel Czawohski, Allan Holdsworth and others. Gradually, his influences also came to include stalwarts of the Hindusthani Classical scene like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ustad Zakir Hussain and Pandit Nikhil Bannerjee as well as many other instrument players from all around the world like Victor Wooten, Vladishwar Nadishana and John Coltrane. Shaped by various trajectories of musical genres and styles, his style of playing has come to reflect a mix of Hindusthani Classical melodies and flamenco rhythmic textures underscored with an essence of Western jazz harmony. Apart from composing and playing his primary instrument,he is under the tutelage of Pandit Shantanu Bhattacharya’s talim(Patiala Gharana) in Hindustani classical music, he can also play other string instruments like Persian Setar, ukulele, guitalele and the Dotara as well as some percussion instruments like tabla, dubki, khanjira and cajon. On the side, he has become used to handling keyboard programming and background scores for ad films, animation films, short films etc.

Neel started his journey as a professional musician working as a faculty of London College of Music (LCM). He pursued a simultaneous career performing with various local bands and got exposed to different genres of music like Rock, Pop, Modern Jazz, Latin and Flamenco. While spending most of his free hours practicing, Neel developed a deep spiritual connection with his instrument. In 2007 he decided to move away with his guitar from the urban cacophony to the countryside and started to write and compose songs for himself. After returning to Kolkata, he started looking for like-minded musicians to collaborate and perform with. Later he came up with his own instrumental independent musical project called NEEL SARKAR PROJECT (NSP).

To learn more about Neel and his music visit
Kasha Ki Aasha is at 23 rue Surcouf Pondicherry 01.  Call for reservations at 413.222.2963.  Dinner and Beverages are available.

Crossing Over – Greece to India with the Christie Kanska Trio

This Saturday evening we welcome the Christie Kanska Trio to our terrace.  Christie’s internationally renowned keyboard and vocal talents will be backed by Subhadeep Das on guitar and our  dear friend Raghuraman Ramasubramaniam on bass.

Look forward to an entirely new sound this evening as Christie brings her Greek and Armenian heritage to the stage with arrangements of Komitas, Greek folk songs with odd meters as well some of her own original compositions and favorite Latin Jazz songs.

To know more about why you should not miss Christie and her band this weekend visit her website at

Music starts at 8 pm and as always we have the best of South Indian Vegetarian Cuisine made just for you with Chef Elisa’s special pizzas hot out of the oven!  Beverages are also available!

Kasha Ki Aasha is just a hop, skip and a jump over the canal away from the French Quarter at 23 rue Surcouf!  Looking forward to sharing another Purely Pondicherry Performance with you this Saturday!

European Jazz Duo this Saturday at Kasha Ki Aasha

Saxaphonist Maarten Visser originally from the Netherlands joins German String Bass Artist Holger Jetter this Saturday at Kasha Ki Aasha for 2 sets of truly contemporary jazz.  Starting at 8 pm, we look forward to a new musical experience with this duo on our breezy garden terrace.  Come enjoy another Purely Pondicherry Performance!  Dinner and drinks are always available.  Call 413 222 2963 to reserve a table!

Maarten Visser: Saxophone 
Between 1994 and 1998 Maarten Visser studied saxophone at the ‘Brabants Conservatorium (Netherlands). After finishing conservatory in 1998 he studied carnatic music in Chennai. In 2000 he started collaborating with choreographer, Padmini Chettur composing music for ‘Segment of a Solo’ (2000), ‘Fragility’ (2001), ‘3 Solos’ (2003), ‘Paperdoll’ (2005)’, PUSHED (2006), Beautiful Thing 1 (2009), and Beautiful Thing 2 (2011). These contemporary dance-productions go on to travel internationally.  In 2006 Maarten visser conducts a workshop called; Sound and Silence (Geluid en Stilte) a workshop to create a microtonal piece for 6-14 musicians. The workshop is produced by ‘ei- producties’ an organization started in 2005 by Ferdi Schukking and Maarten Visser. ‘ei-producties’ organizes weekly concerts of experimental music going on to produce a number of albums. From 2006 onwards Maarten Visser has been based mostly in Chenna recording and performing.
Holger Jetter:  Bass
A musician, composer, arranger and producer, Holger studied western classical music concentrating on the violin at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich and the Mozarteum University of Salzburg with Prof. Jurgen Geise with further studies with Lynn Blakeslee and Jean-Jacques Kantoroff .  At the age of 18, he released his first recording with the German rock band, Gantebein.  His broad stylistic and artistic interest subsequently moved him from the bluegrass band Flying Spoon Acoustic Band via the Argentinean tango ensemble Quartetto Tango and klezmer music at the Theater der Jugend to he Clowns duo, Conelli.  Hoger’s strong affinity to improvised music led to the formation of the Modern String Quartet where fresh sounding string arrangements and many original compositions contributed to the wide success of the ensemble. In the following six years of collaboration involving more than 1000 concerts and 2 CD productions, the quartet toured with well known artists such as Constantin Wecker, Joan Baez and Mercedes Sosa.  During this period Holger intensified his activities as composer producing music for audio books and films.  AFter the first American tour he left the Modern string quartet for Kolkatta to study with Ustad Imrat Khan.  Now settled in Auroville, he composes for dance productions, initiated a children’s choir and composed and produced the children’s opera Beyond Asleep and Awake.  Together with his partner, Tina Suchanek, he built the Sunshine Music Studio.  Ongoing performances and collaborations with international artists as well as work with his trio, Three Raags continue in India and abroad.


Jazzing up Pondy with Live Music at Kasha Ki Aasha

The Purely Pondicherry Performance Series continues this Saturday with Holger Jetter on strings and Matt Littlewood on keyboard on Kasha Ki Aasha’s garden terrace.  Classic tunes and contemporary compositions by these two international musicians based in Auroville are a treat for jazz lovers.  Come enjoy.

Dinner and Beverages are always available on jazz nights including our special pizzas and South Indian home style dishes!  Reservations are available until 8:30 at 413 222 2963.

Kasha Ki Aasha is just around the corner at 23 rue Surcouf in Pondy.


Vera & Shakti Grace Kasha Ki Aasha’s Terrace this Saturday

This weekend we welcome a new duo to Kasha Ki Aasha’s breezy terrace.  Vera and Shakti were part of the popular local group AV Sisters.  They also have performed individually in a range of exciting musical projects, including classical a capellas and folk music. In this duo performance they offer a  discovery of jazz. The perfect combination of Kasha Ki Aasha’s charismatic ambiance and the magic of music will leave no one untouched!

Kasha Ki Aasha’s Purely Pondicherry Performance will start at 8 pm.  We have great South Indian Specialties on our menu and all the beverages are ice cold.  Reservations are accepted BEFORE 8 pm ONLY!

Kasha Ki Aasha, 23 rue Surcouf, Pondicherry 01.   Our telephone number is 413.222.2963.

We are looking forward to seeing you this Saturday!




Big Sound for a Big Saturday – Krishna McKenzie at Kasha Ki Aasha

This is a big weekend in Pondicherry and we are bringing in someone special to celebrate it!  Krishna McKenzie, lead musician of the internationally touring band EMERGENCE will be on stage at Kasha Ki Aasha backed by the well known keyboardist, Matt Littlewood.  Come enjoy Krishna’s Indie Pop style original compositions in just one more edition of the Purely Pondicherry Performance Series on Kasha Ki Aasha’s breezy terrace!

It’s going to be another great evening full of great music, great food and great people!  Music starts at 8 pm!

Kasha Ki Aasha is at 23 rue Surcouf in Pondicherry – on the edge of the French Quarter.  We take reservations, but only before 8 pm!  Call us at 413 222 2963!

See you there!