INTRODUCING Marangburu at Kasha Ki Aasha

More than a brand, it is a vision of a more responsible and ethical fashion environment for our children. Marangburu offers simple yet elegant shapes inspired from our trips around the world, designed and crafted with care. Each piece is unique, handmade from Indian textiles and natural fibers, decorated with hand-embroideries, beads or handmade buttons. Marangburu chose Indian cotton for most of its products, offering a variety of textures and colors. Comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, it is the material of choice for children’s clothing. This year Marangburu partnered with Malkha, a beautiful alternative to the mass of industrial textile production. The association is managed by cotton producing families themselves as well as weavers and dyers.  The printed choices were created by tapping into the infinity of kalamkari, literally “the art of the hand”. Originally from southern India, kalamkari reproduces on a piece of cotton floral patterns with a vegetable dye.

Kasha Ki Aasha is proud to be the first outlet in South India for this wonderful line for children!

Bright and Breezy….

It was time for some improvements at Kasha Ki Aasha and now we are all ready for the summer season!  New paint and new loungers make the terrace impossible to resist changing your schedule for.  And loads of new colourful clothes, bags and jewellery for everyone make browsing downstairs a whole new experience!  See you soon!